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Very sorry for the late notice but we to change the day of our meeting.

 Please come along!!! 


10th April 2024

The Community Council met on the 9th April and these are the headlines:

Environmental Grants

This year the Council has established an ‘environmental fund’ – a modest amount of money which we would like to use to enhance the villages of Llanarmon and Tregeiriog. The Council adopted a bio-diversity policy last year and we hope to use the money to develop this along with the more traditional flowers and plants. We would be very pleased to receive ideas and proposals as to how the money could be spent. Do you know where a hanging basket or tub or planters would benefit? The Council would be prepared to consider a range of initiatives and we would ask that in the first instance that you e-mail the Clerk on enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.coom.

Citizens Advice Bureau Project

We are very pleased to be financially supporting the CAB pilot which began last month. At the present time we are struggling to find a location in the upper end of the Valley which offers a secure wi-fi. We don’t want anyone to miss out and if you need assistance to make contact with the CAB out-reach workers can we ask you to contact Christina Brewin our Community Agent on glynceiriogcommunityagent@gmail.com or ring her on 07908 373003

Annual Meeting – ‘Come and Meet Your Councillors’

We are holding our Annual Meeting on Tuesday 14th May at 7.00 in Llanarmon Village Hall. This year we want to open this meeting up to our communities to provide an opportunity to meet your Community Councillors. There will be a little bit of business but the main reason is to allow questions to be asked and hopefully answered; to listen to concerns and discuss some of the issues that affect us all like potholes! the proposed National Park, off-roading. Please come along -there will be refreshments.



8th February 2024

 Operation Cinnamon

 North Wales Police through our PCSOs Martin and Gareth and with our Community Agents Christina and Davena are organising 'Operation Cinnamon' on Friday 1st March.

The event will take place at the Oliver Jones Hall, Dolywern over lunch time and it is aimomg to provide advice, information and reassurance to elderly residents. 

It is free so please drop-in.  


6th February 2024 

 The Community Council met on the 6th February and these are the headlines.

National Park Proposals

National Resources Wales has contacted local Councils to confirm that the area designated to form the National Park is considered to have enough natural beauty(!!) so the next stage of the planning process will now take place. It is anticipated that there will be a series of public consultations later in the year when the draft boundaries to the park will be on display. We will keep you up to date with any developments and dates of meetings.
Pot Holes.... Again
Thanks to several Councillors we are beginning to plot the pot hole problems along several key roads. We want to create a record of what is happening so that we can submit this to Wrexham Council on a regular basis and also to allow us to film, photograph and record deterioration from one year to the next. Wrexham Council is struggling with its finances with Highways under particular pressure. As a Council we are aware that there have been many past requests for repairs which have not resulted in much work being completed. As such we need to keep this a top priority and hope that a pictorial record will help. .
Community Agent
As you know Christina Brewin is Ceiriog Uchaf's Community Agent who offers one day a week to this part of the Valley. The Council was pleased to hear that her contract has been extended for a further 12 months by Wrexham.
Citizens Advice Bureau Worker
In a previous edition of the Glyn News we confirmed that there is going to be a CAB worker coming into the Valley and we are hopeful that this will commence in the late Spring. We will provide details as we know them.



5th December 2023

Council Meeting 

 The Community Council met on the 5th December and these are the headlines.

 Community Christmas Lunch

A huge thankyou to all the volunteers who made the Christmas meal such a fun event. A lot of hard work and organisation paid off with over 70 people attending. 

 Citizens Advice Bureau coming here?

 Thanks to colleagues from the other two Community Councils who are putting together ideas which might allow a year's pilot of CAB surgeries along the Valley. There is a significant demand for CAB services and it can be difficult to make contact with the organisation. The Community Council wants to be part of this initiative and commit some money to get it off the ground. More news next year.


 A small working group are putting together some ideas to allow the Council to have more say over how the cemetery is run. At the moment we have no influence over when the grass is cut, or the trees pruned and services currently provided by Wrexham Council are under pressure. Increasingly the Community Council is looking to fund certain things and we have had a real worry over a grave that has been infiltrated by tree roots. We know of two trees that will need to be felled at significant expense. We are preparing to hold a public consultation early next year before we make longer-term financial decisions.




The Precept is the way that the Council is funded. It is based on the number of houses within the two Wards, Tregeiriog and Llanarmon. For many years we have been financed at a very low level - in fact the third lowest in Wrexham. However this year we need to begin to review this level because of increasing responsibilities. More money is going to be required for the cemetery; we want to be part of the CAB pilot; we are now required to provide an allowance for Councillors. We have been running on our reserves for a while and these need to be replenished. More details will become available but we estimate for the average Council Tax Band D property this will mean a rise of 50 pence a week. Less for Bands A-C and more for Bands E-I.

7th November 2023 

 Council Meeting


The Community Council met on the 7th November and these are the headlines:


Mobile Phone Signal Update

The good news is that there is a mobile phone signal in the Valley but at the moment it seems that it is only available to EE customers. We have been in contact with the consultants and the contractors but there is no start date yet…. for users of O2, Virgin, Vodaphone. We will keep everyone updated.

Agricultural Thefts in the Valley

We are hearing of several local thefts of expensive agricultural machinery over the last month. Trailers (especially Ivor Williams) are being targeted and taken over the border so please be vigilant and keep livelihoods safe..

National Park Update

Following the meeting at the Canolfan in October can we please get questionnaires back to National Resources Wales. The questionnaires will provide an initial idea of your views about the positives or negatives of a National Park. This is only the start of the consultations but early feedback will give NRW a sense of what residents in the Valley think about a Park.

Centenary Events

Sunday 5th November at the Oliver Jones Hall in Dolywern saw the last day of the last event. From a little planning meeting in Llanarmon in November 2022 to a whirlwind of activity which saw the first event in July and six more then followed. We believe that over 750 people have attended overall which has been a fantastic response, which has humbled and excited the organisers in equal measure. So many people to thank for all their time and creativity.

We are truly grateful to you all.


14th October 2023  

Proposals for North East Wales National Park Update

National Resources Wales (NRW) came to the Canolfan on Wednesday to start their ‘engagement’ process to consult with communities about the proposals for a National Park.

We are told that no decisions have been taken however the process for creating Wales’ Fourth National Park is under way.

NRW is the ‘Designated Authority’ to evaluate the case for creating a National Park based on the existing Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Senedd Cymru have asked for consultations to be undertaken to allow it to decide by 2026.

NRW will follow a statutory process which includes consultations. A recommendation will be made to the Welsh Government based on the evidence that has been gathered. If there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the statutory criteria related to National Beauty and opportunities for open air recreation are met, and that the area is of such national significance that National Park purposes should apply, then a recommendation will be made for the Senedd to consider.

NRW has created an ‘Area of Search’ which shows the geographical limits within which the criteria for a National park will be considered. The Area Search is not the boundary and there will be future refinement. Llanarmon and Tregeiriog are very clearly in the middle of the Area of Search

NRW want to ensure early engagement and give us an opportunity to feed into the process from an early stage.

NRW would like people to complete a questionnaire by the 27th November 2023


North East Wales National Park Designation Project - Engagement Period 2023 - Natural Resources Wales Citizen Space - Citizen Space (cyfoethnaturiol.cymru)

Phone 03000 653000

Paper (Freepost for returns)

Copies of the questionnaire will be at venues around the villages or speak with your local Councillor.



3rd October 2023

Council Meeting


The Council met on Tuesday 3rd October and these are the headlines.


Centenary of the Non-Flooding.
By the time you read this - all our events to mark the non-flooding of the Valley will be over. They concluded with an art exhibition at Dolywern. The 8 events have all been a triumph and attended by several hundred people and viewed by many thousands more through the S4C broadcast. So many people to thank for this team effort over the past 12 months of planning. We wonder if future generations will look at all brochures and exhibition items 100 years on?
Mobile Phone Signal Has Arrived.
Just in case this has passed unnoticed we can confirm that a mobile phone signal has finally arrived in Llanarmon and Tregeiriog. We had been told that to start with it would be restricted to Vodafone and Hutchison providers but it seems that EE is available too with a strong-ish signal in the middle of Llanarmon. The engineers say that even if there is a power cut then there will be limited coverage available.
Cemetery and Graveyard
Last month we said that a working group is being set up to advise the Community Council about the long-term options for the ownership and the maintenance of the cemetery. Since that time we have had several telephone calls to say that it has been difficult to find graves because of the length of the grass. At the moment Wrexham Council cuts the grass- 3 times a year but we have no control over when that happens. Matters have been worse by the recent industrial action which has led to all staff from Environmental Services not on strike, being reassigned to other duties. This has meant no grass cutting. Please bear with us. Several Councillors are going to cut the lawned area themselves.
Please keep in contact with the Community Council by talking to your local Councillors and reading the latest news on www.ceirioguchaf.co.uk


22nd September 2023

 Mobile Phone Signal has arrived!

Just letting people know that a mobile phone signal is available for some if not all in Llanarmon - certainly people using EE will have it. 

Please pass on the message 



5th September 2023

                                         Council Meeting September 2023 

 The Community Council met on Tuesday 5th September and these are the headlines. Full minutes will be available following the October meeting.

 Graveyard and Cemetery 

The Graveyard and Cemetery have been a source of difficulty since the winter for various reasons. This has led the Council and the Parochial Church Council of St Garmon's to look at who owns what and where does responsibility lie? For instance Wrexham Council cuts the grass and will deal with Listed Trees but deny responsibility for anything else. We have seen minutes from former Councils like Glyndwr that it has taken responsibility for work but Wrexham have said that when they took over Clwyd (who took over Glyndwr)  County Council  back in 1996 the cemetery did not  pass to them. So we are setting up a Working Group to try and sort some issues out for future generations. If you would like to be involved then please let Miles Matile or Freja Swogger or Lorna Mills know.

Centenary Events 

Well done for all who appeared on the recent S4C  programme about the Centenary and how we are marking it. Dates for your diary are on the programme and include

Sunday 17th September at 11.00 St Garmon's Church-Chapel-Village Service

Saturday 23rd September at 10.00 Walk around the 'Hendre Reservoir'

Saturday 30th September at 10.00 Walk around 'Llanarmon Reservoir'

Friday 7th October at 7.00pm in Llanarmon Village Hall- Ceiriog Valley Poets A concert of songs

Thursday 19th October at 7pm in Llanarmon Village Hall - A presentation by Hafren Dyfrdwy Water Company.


National Park Proposals 

Please see a previous note below (01/08/2023)  A representative from the Council went to a preliminary meeting in Cefn Mawr to get more information about these proposals. A lot of work is going to be done by National Resources Wales in 2023/2024 drafting provisional boundaries. There will then be a series of public consultation meetings in 2024/2025  with final plans going back to Senedd Cymru in 2026.

Details are still emerging but there seems to be a proposal that any new National Park if approved- will be a hybrid version of the existing AONB and a new Park which will offer more flexibility and possibly less regulation. More information as it becomes available. 

 Please keep in touch with us via the Council Web-site www.ceirioguchaf.co.uk






1st August 2023

 Council Meeting August 2023

 These are the headlines from the August meeting 

Community Agent: We are really pleased to confirm that Christina Brewin has been funded to provide a day a week for the Ceiriog Uchaf Valley. Our thanks to the Glyn Ceiriog Community Council and Wrexham Council for making this possible. Christina can be contacted about a range of social issues and she will be able to provide help or signpost you to other services. She can be contacted on 07908 373003.


National Park. We have been contacted to say that National Resources Wales are undertaking a series of community consultations about the potential for a National Park. At the moment Ceiriog Uchaf is just on the border of an Area of Outstanding National Beauty and this is being reviewed. When there is more information we will publicise it on our Website. www.ceirioguchaf.co.uk

Centenary Events: Lots of events are being planned for the next few months. There are brochures everywhere. A great start at the Institute on the 15th July. This is to be followed up by a Church-Chapel-Village bi-lingual service. music and talk at St Garmons on the 17th September at 11.00. Please come along.
Mobile Phone Signal: It's getting closer! Work is now being done on the mast on the Cwm Road which will make it ready for mobile operating companies to connect. More information as we get it.
Community Drop-In: This is still meeting on Fridays 12.30-4.00 at the Centenary Hall. No charge, just drop-in for drinks and cake and chat. 25 people came last week! Thanks to all volunteers for making this such a successful idea.
Post Huts!! Does anyone know about these? An article on the BBC about a post-hut in mid-Wales prompted a possible sighting in Llanarmon DC and possibly in Tregeiriog. In past generations when posties mainly walked or biked everywhere, rest-huts were provided for shelter. If you know anything can you contact Cllr Freja Evans Swogger of Cllr Claybrook - their details are on the website www.ceirioguchaf.co.uk


24th July 2023

We have a Community Agent for Ceiriog Uchaf!

Christina Brewin 

Community Agent for Glyn Ceiriog &

Ceiriog Uchaf.

Covering Glyn Ceiriog, Nantyr, Pandy, Tregeiriog & Llanarmon DC

Offering FREE advice and information and connecting you with key local services.

Contact me:

Email: Glyn Ceiriogcommunityagent@gmail.com

Phone or text: 07908 373003

Working hours are Wednesday and Thursday 10am - 6pm.

Saturday morning 9am - 1pm.

Available for phone calls Monday and Tuesday evenings between 6pm - 8pm.

Here to help!


15th July 2023 

Our Centenary Programme

Big thanks to all who have been involved with the planning of 7 Centenary Events during 2023.

A Programme of Events is now freely available - thanks to funding from the Ceiriog Uchaf Community Council and private donations. There are copies all along the Valley.

The events planned include:

Saturday 15th July The Opening Ceremony at the Memorial Institute where there is an informative exhibition of all details of the proposed flooding and how it was stopped.

Sunday 17th September: Service at St Garmon's Church Llanarmon. In a church that was to lose its people to the reservoirs, seasonal songs and traditional instruments will celebrate the continuing life of the community.

Saturday 23rd and 30th September: Guided 'Reservoir' Walks

Saturday 7th October: Beirdd Dyffryn Ceiriog. Llanarmon Village Hall. A concert featuring songs by our famous poets that will transport you back to their very different times.

Thursday 19th October: Water. So what is the water situation today? Llanarmon Village Hall. Find out from a talk by Craig Williams from Hafren Dyfrdwy

Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th November: Art Exhibition. Oliver Jones Hall Dolywern. Work produced by artists and writers in response to the Ceiriog Reservoirs Centenary on the theme of water in all its aspects.


4th July 2023

Council Meeting July 2023

 The Council met on the 4th July and these are the headlines.

Centenary Events: We are very pleased to confirm that there will be 7 events to commemorate the 'non-flooding' of the Valley. The Exhibition at the Glyn Ceiriog Institute on the 15th July will start things. The Mayor of Wrexham will be in attendance and this will be followed up by a television crew from S4C. A programme designed by Sylvia Jones is now available which gives details of all the planned events at various locations along the Valley. Please come along and join in there is really something for everyone from walking, art, music and celebrations! 

 Community Agent. Whilst not quite confirmed by Wrexham Council we are so grateful to Christina Brewin for making a start in contacting people in Ceriog Uchaf. We are very confident that her additional day in the Upper Valley will be formalised very soon. 

Off-Roading: Great response to Wrexham CBC's request for information from residents about the impact that off-roading is having. This will be followed up by a court case on the 17th September when Wrexham Council will be taking an off-roader supporters group to trial in a test case.


 13th June 2023 

Council Meeting June 2023

The Council met on the 13th June and these are the headlines:

A MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL IS GETTING CLOSER: An email from the planning company of the 5th June indicated that ‘extension and preparatory work had been completed’ and the site was to be made available to operators (Vodafone and Hutchinson initially), to install their equipment. Completion date for this is uncertain.

LICENCING OF SHOOTS: The Council debated the recent proposal that all shoots should be Licenced which could be revoked at any time. The Council was unanimous in its opposition to this proposal and will write to National Resources Wales 

 CENTENARY: Events are being planned to recognise the Centenary of the 'Non-Flooding of the Valley in 1923.

17th September 2023 St Garmon's a joint church-chapel service with music is planned - hopefully an outdoor event upon the soil that was saved.

At other dates there will be guided walks; an art and Welsh Culture exhibition; A public presentation from Hafren Dyfrdwy; an Exhibition at the Memorial Institute. 

TELEPHONE BOX REFURBISHMENT: At last!! Thanks to BT for sending Andy the painter.  


13th June  2023                                       

                             New Councillor

 The Ceiriog Uchaf Community Council was very pleased to receive the Declaration of Acceptance from Aled Jones of Tregeiriog following his appointment as Co-Opted Councillor on the 23rd May 2023. Aled will remain a Councillor for the Ward  until the next elections in 2027. His contact details are on the 'Councillor's Page'  



10th May 2023

Library Visiting Times

 The mobile Library will be at the Village Hall on the following dates between 11.00-12.00

 May 12th

June 9th

July 7th

August 4th  



9th May 2023

Council Meeting May 2023

The Ceiriog Uchaf Community Council met on the 9th May and these are the headlines:

  • OIL TANKS: IS YOUR LOCKED? North Wales Police informed us that there have been a number of thefts from oil tanks recently and oil is now very expensive.
  • POLICE RESPONSE TEAMS : North Wales Police are hoping to add two additional officers to help with call-response in the Valley. The Ceiriog Uchaf Council unanimously expressed its appreciation for all the work that PCSOs Martin and Gareth are doing to make our communities safer.
  • WARM HUB becomes COMMUNITY HUB: Please don't forget that we are still meeting every Friday afternoon from 1.00pm-4.00pm in the Village Hall. Come for tea and coffee and cake and chat! All are welcome.
  • POT HOLES: Please keep reporting them to Wrexham Council.
  • CENTENARY- 100 YEARS COMMEMORATION. The Council was informed that we are getting close to finalising ideas to commemorate the non-flooding of the Valley 100 years ago. More details about events and walks and music and art will be coming out shortly.



9th May 2023


 The Council held its 2023 Annual Meeting. Please click below for the Annual Report:


Annual Report 2023 


 25th April 2023

Annual Meeting 9th May 2023

 The Council will be holding its Annual Meeting on Tuesday 9th May at 7.00pm in the Centenary Hall. This is a short Public Meeting - please come along. 


6th April 2023 

 Council Meeting 4th April 2023

The Ceiriog Uchaf Community Council met on Tuesday 4th April and these are the main headlines. Please go to www.ceirioguchaf.co.uk for more details

Community Agent: We are so pleased to be able to announce that Christina Brewins the community agent for Glyn Ceiriog, is going to have a day a week dedicated to the Upper Valley. More details will follow. Christina’s number is in Glyn News if you need to make contact before the arrangements come out. We are very grateful to Glyn Ceiriog Community Council for making this possible.

Vacancy on the Council: We have a vacancy for a Co-Opted Councillor. Closing date is the 21st April. Please email the Clerk on enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com for more information.

‘Warm Hub’ becomes ‘Weekly Drop-In’: A big thanks to all who are helping with the ‘Warm Space’ our weekly get together on a Friday afternoon. Due to its popularity it is going to become the Weekly Drop-In at the Centenary Hall. Come and join us for tea, cake and chat!

Pot Holes -That Sinking Feeling: Pot holes are fast becoming the big worry after the winter in the Upper Valley. We need to take action so can you please do the following:

REPORT: Nothing will be done if nothing is reported. Report it to: Wrexham Council: Report It: Potholes’

ACT: We will have more success if we act together. So if you report it then please let the Community Council know on enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com and we will keep a list. We will set up a page on the Website if there is sufficient response.

CLAIM: If the matter is reported and nothing is done over a reasonable period of time and your car is then damaged, you may be eligible to make a financial claim against the Highways Department


20th March 2023


 The next local blood donation session will take place at the Hand Hotel , Chirk on Wednesday 5th April. More details when we receive them from the Blood Service.



11th March 2023 


Please go to Planning Information Page of this website for most recent applications. 



10th March 2023

Tree Branch in New Cemetery 

 To let everyone know that the Community Council is aware of the fallen tree branch which is now blocking the entrance to the new cemetery. Our thanks to Ifan Richards for letting us know. The tree is now blocking access to the cemetery and we are asking people to be very careful.

 The cemetery is a responsibility of Wrexham Council so we have contacted the Tree Officer and asked them to organise the removal the tree and if possible to cut up and leave the wood for people to collect and use.  

Jon Brewin is the Council's Tree Development Officer and he came out to inspect two trees in the cemetery on the 1st March so he knows the area well. 

8th March 2023

Our Environment 

The Council met on the 7th March 2023 to consider its 'Biodiversity and Resilience of Eco-systems' action plan. We are pleased to report that the Council approved the action plan as it reflects what we have been trying to achieve over the past few years.

Please talk to your Councillor if you see things about our environment that cause concern and that we need to bring before the Council.

The Council's Biodiversity and Resilience of the Eco-System Action Plan 


8th March 2023

A Vacancy on YOUR Council


Could you become a Councillor and represent your community? We have a vacancy. This is such an important role which can get so much achieved. It is one meeting a month for 2 hours when we get to hear about the successes and challenges facing the Llanarmon and Tregeiriog wards. We have the authority to spend money to improve our area. We want your experience and passion to help keep the upper valley beautiful for all to enjoy. More information from Miles Matile Clerk on enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com.

Co-option Notice

 Closing date 21st April 2023

7th March 2023

Tackling Off-Roaders and Trial-Bikers. North Wales Police Press Release 

Off-road motorcyclists were targeted by officers in the Glyn Ceiriog area over the weekend following reports of bikes being ridden dangerously and illegally.

Operation Blue Takeoff, which tackles the illegal use of off-road bikes, took place on Saturday, March 4th and Sunday, March 5th.

It saw Wrexham Rural officers working with the Intercept Team, Drone Unit, the off-road motorcycle team and the local council to tackle increasing reports of anti-social riding in the valley.

It comes as the lack of maintenance on lanes in the area over the years has created perfect conditions for off-road motorbikes, which have been used as a scrambling track, specifically a route that has been temporarily restricted for traffic by the council from Pentre Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog to Pen Bwlch Llandrillo.

As a result, some residents have reported they no longer feel safe walking, horse riding or cycling in the area.

A drone invisible to those on the ground was deployed as part of the operation to target those driving dangerously and any offenders driving bikes without an MOT, insurance or a valid licence.

In total, officers carried out:

·       More than 20 motorcycle stop checks.

·       Community engagement with over 100 trial bikers, offering advice around road safety.


PCSO Gareth Jones said: “The Ceiriog Valley has for so long had issues with anti-social driving, with trail bikes and 4x4 use in the area along the tracks.

“It has caused a lot of distribution for locals and tourists, and in recent years, the number of incidents reported in the area have been increasing.

“We do patrol the area and engage with the community as much as we can, but of course, it is impossible to be there 24 hours a day, especially given the isolated nature of where these incidents occur.

“Operation Takeoff was a great opportunity for us to engage with several legitimate organised groups to explain the concerns of residents and to highlight the closure of the wayfarer. We also carried out more than 20 stop checks on off-road bikes, which I am pleased to report were all without any issues.

“We urge anyone who witnesses anti-social driving in the area to contact officers of 101, or via the web chat.” 


3rd March 2023

Village Telephone Box

Thanks to the co-ordinated requests to  BT-Openreach from the Community Council, County Councillor and residents, we have now had confirmation that the village telephone box will be re-painted at some point in the Spring/Summer (2023). As a sign of intent BT-Openreach has been out to fix the broken panes of glass this week.  

The telephone box is a Listed Feature and still owned by BT-Openreach. Given the lack of mobile signal coverage this box continues to offer a lifeline. We have been informed that BT-Openreach intend to disconnect it in 2025 and after that a decision will need to be taken  as to what we want to happen to it in future years. 



3rd March 2023


Next meeting of the Centenary Steering Group will take place on Monday 13th March at 6.00pm in the Llanarmon Village Hall. All welcome - please come along. 



8th February 2023

Warm Space Initiative 

Great collaboration between the Centenary Hall Committee and friends at St Garmon's  sees the start of the Warm Space Initiative at the Centenary Hall.

Every Friday from 12.30 -4.00pm at the Centenary Hall. Free soup, coffee, tea and conversation. Bring your dog if you would like! Just turn up!

 Contacts for more information:

Jane Claybrook on janeclaybrook70@hotmail.co.uk 

Lorna Mills on enquiries@lornamills.co.uk 


7th February 2023

Council Meeting 7th February 2023

Huw Morus Monument. The Council met on the 7th February and was pleased to report that the memorial to Huw Morus the Nationally celebrated 'Nightingale of the Ceiriog' has been restored. Thanks to the Chairman Keith Benning for his perseverance and to the owner Martin Obbard, for giving permission and finances and for CADW and the Glyn Ceiriog Community Council for their financial support. Please go and visit! 

Off-Roading in the Valley. This continues to be a major problem, not least the damage done to private property and the environment of our beautiful valley. In recent weeks thanks to Cllr Bates and Cllr Dave Berriman we have had a lot more attention paid by the Welsh Assembly Member and the North Wales Police. We need to keep reporting incidents and problems so please send anything you see to Miles Matile, Clerk to the Council on enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com

Centenary Celebrations - There is a steering group which is coordinating events to mark the Centenary of the 'non-flooding'. A provisional programme is being developed with our partners in the Church, the School, Centenary Hall and Institute. Please get involved and help us. The date of the next meeting will be on the Council Website or contact the Chair of the Steering Group davetremyglog@gmail.com 

 7th February 2023 


The mobile library will be coming back on Monday 13th February  

There are usually a small selection of returned books to browse, but the main purpose of the visit is so people can collect previously-ordered books which people can select and order online by visiting www.wrexham.gov.uk/libraries and following the links. If you are not already a library member, a temporary membership can be issued online though this link. Library cards can also be issued if you visit the pop-up library on the 16th , bringing proof of identity and address.

16th January 2023

Casual Vacancy on the Community Council 

Wrexham County Borough Council confirmed on the 16th January 2023 that no person had sought to be elected and because of this the Council will now proceed to a process of Co-option to fill the casual vacancy. More details will be made available after the Council meeting of the 7th February 2023.


 14th January 2023 

 Centenary News

 There will be a further meeting of the Steering Committee for the Centenary Commemorations on Monday 30th January at 6.00 in the Llanarmon Hall.

Please come along to bring your support and ideas.

Dave Berriman will be pleased to here from you and he can be contacted on 



14th January 2023


Great News! We have had it confirmed that under the 'Shared Rural Network Initiative' the UK Government is investing £1bn to sort out the 'NOT SPOTS' - those areas that our mobile phones can not reach, which for us is most of the Upper Valley. There is an existing mast on the Cwm Road to provide a signal for emergency services and this is going to be upgraded during the next 2/3 months to allow for companies to provide a mobile signal for commercial and domestic users. Initially we think it will be Vodafone and Hutchinson however we hope this will extend to other companies later on. More news to follow.

 11th January 2023 


After many months of negotiation, the slimmed-down mobile library is now ready to resume visits to our end of the valley. 

Starting on Monday 16th January, the smaller 'pop-up library' van will be visiting the Centenary Hall in Llanarmon monthly between 1.30 and 2pm. There are usually a small selection of returned books to browse, but the main purpose of the visit is so people can collect previously-ordered books which people can select and order online by visiting www.wrexham.gov.uk/libraries and following the links. If you are not already a library member, a temporary membership can be issued online though this link. Library cards can also be issued if you visit the pop-up library on the 16th , bringing proof of identity and address.



10th JANUARY 2023 7.00pm Centenary Hall, Llanarmon

National Resources Wales. Some sharp-eyed amongst our community have noticed quite a bit of work being conducted along the Ceiriog (see October/November 'Glyn News'). We are going to hold a presentation evening with a representative from NRW who will be talking about what they are doing. Please come along.

This will be followed by a Council Meeting

Council Meeting 6th December 2022

*The Council wanted to thank the Davies's for all their work in making the centre of Llanarmon so attractive. The finger-post has been restored and looks wonderful. Please come and look!

* The Council agreed its 'Precept' (the amount we will ask for in terms of financial support). With the cost of living being so difficult for so many, the Council decided not to ask for any increase on last year's Precept and that despite this representing a reduction in real terms, we will manage our resources accordingly.

* We had a really successful meeting of the Centenary Steering Group with lots of representatives present. We are planning a second meeting in early 2023 and there will be some more news on the Community Facebook page. Please get involved with us on this.

* We agreed in principle to having another 'Community Agent' be present in the Upper Valley. We are hopeful that Wrexham Council will fund 350 hours a year of a person's time to work with us to support local people in different ways. More news to follow.

* We have a VACANCY on the Council - we will be notifying that we intend to hold an Election or Co-Opt a person to fill the role of Councillor and this will be advertised in late December - see Election Information page

Council Meeting 1st November 2022

* We are looking to see if we can commemorate the Centenary of the saving of the Valley. In 1923 many in the Ceiriog survived the Warrington Corporation Water Bill, which if enacted, would have flooded a section of valley destroying many homes, livelihoods and much history. The Council is looking at ways of joining with other valley communities, Councils and organisations to recognise this. If you have ideas or want to help please contact Miles Matile enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com

* Huw Morus Monument, Pont y Meibion. The Council was very pleased to receive a Grant from CADW for the refurbishment of this historic monument which celebrates the life of a great Welsh poet. We hope to have it restored early next year.

* We are looking at the potential for another Community Agent for these two Wards in the valley and hope to make a decision soon. The Council is looking for ways that we could best use the time a Community Agent brings - so ideas would be very welcome. enquiriesclerkcucc@gmail.com

• National Resources Wales. Some sharp-eyed amongst our community have noticed quite a bit of work being conducted along the Ceiriog (see last month’s Glyn News). We are going to hold a presentation evening with a representative from NRW who will be talking about what they are doing. Please come along on Monday 10th January 7.00pm Centrnary Hall Llanarmon